Installing a new language is easy. Honest.

  1. Download the latest Form Tools version.
  2. Download the translation file from the list of available translations. If the language doesn't exist, you might want to think about writing your own.
  3. Unzip the file and upload the PHP file within it to your /global/lang/ folder.
  4. Log into your Form Tools installation and go the Settings » Accounts tab.
  5. Next to the Default Language setting, click the "Refresh List" button. If you uploaded the file to the correct folder, the dropdown will now contain the new language option.
  6. Change the default language. This will be used as the default language for all future client accounts and for any non-logged in user viewing your login page.
  7. If you need to change the language for your own account, click the "Your Account" link in the left menu and select the new language.
  8. Drink a piña colada. You're done!